Muneeza delivers what she promises. She holds your hand every step of the way from beginning to the end. She is very honest, dedicated, great negotiator and goes above and beyond to help everyone. She has a lot of experience in the field and uses it very well. She listens, makes recommendation for you based on your needs. She adapts to ever changing circumstances quickly and makes you feel comfortable. She has solution for every possible problem in the field. We are glad we chose her and you will be too~Sanjay, Grafton, April 2014

"When we could not find our dream home in the neighborhood we wanted, you went from door to door and found us a seller who sold to us. Never have we heard of a buyers agent going to such lengths.

Muneeza is the only name that comes to mind when thinking of real estate. We were lucky to have you as our agent.” ~ Amy and Lawrence Harvey, Southborough, Ma

Our experience with Muneeza was beyond wonderful. We were relocating to CA and thus selling the house became a gating factor for us to fully move out there. As soon as we decided to use Muneeza, she totally threw herself into the process of selling our house. She and her colleague came over to help with getting the house ready for an open house, as I was alone in the house due to my wife already having gone west. They spent 2 days helping me pack boxes, giving me advice on what to keep out and what to put away, moving furniture, and cleaning the house. She handled getting the brochure ready for the open house, helping me getting landscapers to clean up the front bushes, etc… Then she held the open house, where we got multiple offers, and guided me through the process of deciding which offer to accept. After the offer was accepted, she was integral in the entire process from getting the offer and P&S signed, navigating and negotiating the issues that were brought up by the home inspector, and giving us advice on what to do for the house until closing.

I can’t give her a high enough rating, to be honest. She talked me through many of the issues, guided me through the pitfalls of things not to do. She also was totally connected to the buyer’s agent as well as the buyers themselves. IMO, she went above and beyond many times.

As an added bonus, her husband was our real estate lawyer, and was also very integral in helping us navigate the legal minefield of getting the house sold. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. We can’t express our gratitude for their help~Rango Keshavan, Northborough, MA~July 2013
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